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June Huber

Text Box:     Texas Twister Pendant

Level: Advanced & Very Challenging

Pattern Price: $15.00

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Pattern Information
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Create this stunning swirl of seed beads for a truly unique pendant shape.

This design will intrigue you with its symmetrical curves that twist around into a miniature tornado.

Once you learn the surprising technique used to create this piece there are many possible variations that can be achieved some of which are introduced in this pattern.

Who knows where the twists and turns will take you.


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 Juniper Creek Designs


 Houston, Texas

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Clipart Leaf

How difficult is it?

Warning: This is a very challenging piece.  You need to be proficient in Peyote Stitch and be comfortable or have experience working with distorted shapes and in three dimensions.   

If you do get the pattern and find that you have trouble, it might help to do a practice run using multiple colored cylinder beads (all the same size bead) to avoid the twist and turns.   This would allow you to understand the basic steps required in the design prior to adding the complexity of the twists and turns.





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